Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Delivery Server publication in Management Server 11

OpenText Web Site Management Server 11 has a completely reworked publication to OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server. Management Server is from version 11 on using the WCF based Delivery Server .Net Remote API. This API is based on the new Delivery Server web services that have been introduced in version 4.0 and that have been further improved with version 9.0.

Does this lead to any changes in your projects? The answer is simply no. We have just been improving the way Management Server communicates with the Delivery Server without the need of changing your projects.

What is expected from this change?
The change is part of our big rework of the Management Server and is needed to get rid of the old outdated Microsoft SOAP toolkit. We also expect to have a more reliable communication and can get rid of the old web services in Delivery Server in later versions. We also are planning to introduce new features to make the publication to Delivery Server even more reliable.

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