Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Custom RenderTag Documentation

I just started writing additional Custom RenderTag documentation that will be part of the Web Site Management Community in the OpenText Knowledge Center. In addition to the documentation that is already part of the RQL documentation, it tries to give more examples, handson guides and a better overall overview about the architecture and lifecycle of a RenderTag.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Dennis,

    Are you able to provide an example of how to pass an element in to a custom render tag and return a value e.g. standard field contains integer value pass to render tag that will add one to it something like this: Math:AddOneToInput(Context:CurrentPage.Elements.GetElement(stf_integer).Value) ?

    Feel free to let me know if this type of example is covered elsewhere but when V11 came out i had a dig around the example code and rql documentation and couldn't figure it out. I was able to call the custom render tag and output a value but couldn't work out how to pass in other rendertag values.

    Many thanks,

    - Morgan

  2. Hi Morgan,

    great question. I will add an example to the new documentation. If there are more questions like this one, please add a comment. I will try to add an appropriate answer to the documentation.


  3. Just checked that the not working standard field type numeric is a bug that will possibly be fixed in 11.1.

    For now, you could just use the normal placeholder. I'll create an example on how to pass parameters to your RenderTag.